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pifi is a Mumbai based artist collective that works with cutting edge technology to create immersive sensory experiences.

Comprising audio-visual artists, filmmakers, musicians, animators, production designers, kinetic installation artists, coders and engineers, ours is a team that endeavors to collaborate at the synaptic interception of arts, science and technology.

We are committed to working in the fields of Interactive Media Arts, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and help realize an immersive world of magic, illusion and possibilities.


What We Do.

Interactive Media Arts

Interactive Media Art is a genre of art in which the viewers are incorporated as part of the experience by becoming providers of some kind of input (brainwave, heartbeat and motion sensors etc.) in order to determine the outcome.

In an interactive media artwork, the audience and the media installation work together through a personalized, contributory dialogue in order to produce a completely unique artwork for each audience member to observe.

Virtual/Augmented Reality

We conceive, create and build end-to-end virtual reality experiences. VR is transforming how people engage with brands, placing right at the heart of the 360º immersive experience.

Augmented Reality is at the cutting edge of mobile technology, giving you the ability to connect the real and virtual world. The digital content becomes part of the real world, creating enriched experiences in an individual as well as in a group setting

360 Immersive Sound

The 360 immersive experiences of sound and music connect and inspire people on a deeper level, creating shared moments of fully-activated intentional listening.

We deliver diversity of events ranging from Spatial Music performance and listening events. With multiple speakers surrounding the audience which allows us to be inside the Music.

3D Projection Mapping

3D Projection mapping has the ability to transform solid surfaces into living and breathing works of art, creating spaces as boundless as imagination can be.

Animations can surround your audience, enthrall their senses and even interact with them.
A building façade can become the stage for your story, a water fountain could trace your visual journey.

Stage Design - I

The music stage of today is no longer just a platform for great sound, but an immersive experience unto itself. With its stage design, Pi Fi delivers a completely immersive audio visual experience.

The challenge for AV shows, concerts and music festivals is to engage the audience both sonically and visually and leave a defining impression on the participants. An expert Stage Designer can use LED screens, lasers and projectors etc. to turn any event into this defining unforgettable experience.

Volumetric LED Light Design

A Magical Light Play that transforms a physical space into a digital and interactive immersive experience. The work combines physical array of led light strings which are individually addressed in 3D virtual space.

The movement of the light is either defined by the movement of visitor or by the movement in the audio which eventually creates audio visual light experience.


Our Featured Projects.

Sneha Khanwalkar - Hear the music in my head

In collaboration with Prana animation studios we were able to assign each body gesture data to different musical notes in a virtual 3D space.Full Video

Jerusalem Light Festival (2019)

Live VJing and Projection mapping on 330 feet width and 60 feet wall of Jaffa Gate for the Jerusalem Light Festival in 2019.. The live performance was based on biofeedback concept where the transformation in the visuals are determined with Heart Beat and with Galvanic skin response value data, collected with the help of Electrocardiogram(ECG) Sensor and Galvanic Skin Response(GSR) sensor.Full Video

3D Projection Mapping - Lux Greco, Toledo, Spain

We showcased our work in 3D projection mapping at SanJuan De Los Monastery, Toledo, Spain

3D Projection Mapping - Art vision Circle of Light, Moscow

We had the opportunity to represent our nation at a international platform at Art vision Circle of Light, Moscow. We we did projection mapping on the rocket Vostok

10 Heads Festival - Gurgaon

We conceived and executed the stage design for 10 Heads Music Festival. We did Projection mapping, Light and Laser Design for the three day music festival with artists like Massive Attack, Lucky Ali and Badshah

Interactive audio LED Programming at Trilogy Club, Mumbai

Creating a synchronous audio-visual experience by calibrating the input audio signals into different colours and patterns of LED lights

Volumetric Lighting Design

Creating 3D Animation and displaying it to a 3D LED screen composed of individual addressable LED bulbs.

Think Tank - Goa

The think tank is a direct physical representation of the complex networking of the brain, depicting thoughts as rain drops, and memory as a tank of water.The think tank is a system build using advanced brain sensor (EEG) and electronics that can capture the action potential fired in the pre frontal cortex of the brain which interactively simulates thunder lightening and rain.Yes it means you can make it rain just by focusing your mind.

Our Team

  • A multidisciplinary artist in practice and essence, Tejaswi specializes in the reconstruction of spaces through projection & sound by interacting with the surfaces. He is constantly exploring new forms of audio-visual art and is deeply interested in observing its impact on the urban environment.

    Having been a student in film editing at the much revered Film and Television Institute of India, he started off his projection mapping journey as a VJ during the National Student Film Awards 2012 held in the institute, where he successfully created an immersive experience by mapping a building inside the premises. He participated and stood 3rd in a top International Vjing competition, during the light festival called Circle of Light in Moscow, Russia in 2014. He created an Interactive Installation Space during the ‘Schmiede Artist Residency Program 2014’ in Hallein, Austria. In 2013, he got an opportunity to participate in Lux Greco competition where he had to map the monastery gate in Toledo, Spain. He received the special mention jury award during the competition.

    Author image
    Tejaswi Meshram Pifi Founder
  • Anoop Saxena, the Pifi All-Rounder, holds comprehensive and multifaceted professional experience in New Media Design, Robotics, Training, STEM Learning, Wearable Electronics, curriculum development for different programs, and R&D in Communicating Science through exhibits and activities in Science Museums. In addition to all these attributes, Anoop has also taught extensively in the areas of Digital Thinking tools, Design Thinking, Circuit simulation, 3D printing, New 
Media Design, STEM Leaning and Interactive Art Installation.

    A thinker and innovator par excellence, Anoop’s work has been exhibited for the Dublin Science Gallery Bangalore, at the Serendipity Art Festival, Goa in 2016. 

    Author image
    Anoop Saxena Pifi All-Rounder
  • Kunal holds valuable experience in the field of writing content, pitches and scripts for films and multimedia art. Having trained in film direction and screenwriting from the prestigious Film and Television Institute of India, ,Kunal’s expertise also lies in writing, directing and doing post production supervision for short films and music videos. Kunal has co-directed an independent music video as well as a short film, and his short film “The Throne Of Cloacina” won a jury award at the Delhi International Short Film Festival, 2017. As a writer, he currently works as an associate screenwriter on feature film projects, and was also the main content writer for the projection mapping team at the Ten Heads Festival in 2015, New Delhi. In addition to this, Kunal has also contributed to film journals from FTII as a co-editor and feature writer, and also has experience in conducting workshops on short film-making.

    Kunal enjoys creatively collaborating with artists and thinkers, providing valuable input and perspective by immersing himself in the core ideation process, and helping to articulate with clarity and insight, the vision of the artist collaborative to the audience.

    Author image
    Kunal Chandra Pi Fi creative content writer
  • Sarfarazul Haque, a master in fine arts and a production designer trained from the Film and Television Institute of India, is an extraordinarily talented and multifaceted artist, painter, writer, visualizer and performer, who can make a positive difference to any creative collaboration, with his selflessly passionate and intuitive approach towards work. Sarfaraz has performed as a VJ, 3D projection mapper, visualizer and 3D stage designer across several performances in Spain, Moscow and India. Sarfaraz was the digital set designer for the projection mapping stage at the Ten Heads Festival in Delhi, 2015.

    Apart from holding experience in production designing for short, experimental and feature films, he has directed experimental short films, stop motion animation and music videos. Having a rich background in the fine arts, theatre, photography, graphic design, clay modelling and filmmaking, Sarfaraz brings his knowledge of varied disciplines into his aesthetic sense, making his work at once, unique and universal.

    Author image
    Sarfarazul Haque Pi Fi Visualizer, VJ and Production Designer

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